W1IDX Repeaters Group

Sponsored By Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1108 Richmond In,

  W1IDX Repeater Group announce Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1108 in Richmond Indiana is sponsoring there entirely four amateur radio repeaters in the W1IDX Repeater Group. The post is footing the total bill for the $9000 project.

  Thank to all of the amateur operators who helped with this project but especially the Advisory Board who not only has worked hard putting the project together and keeping it going but who spent also a lot of time meeting with the VFW in securing their sponsorship.  I'd like to give special thanks to Ron Stier (W9ICZ) who audited the expenses recently.   

  W1IDX Repeater Group as open repeaters with no dues or membership required.  If you would like to run any nets or special interest group activities, please do so.

The 440 Repeater

  The W1IDX Group 444.350 MHz repeater uses a CTCSS tone of 127.3 is a Motorola GR1225 antenna is an Antenex FG4405 5 dB gain on a side arm.  It is a 45 watt repeater turned down to about 20 watts after the enclosed duplexer ERP is approximately 125 watts.  It uses LMR600 cable to run to just about the top of a 150' tower at the Richmond Fire Department headquarters at 101 South 5th Steet. The range is not known at present but A mobile on US 36 at the Ohio/Indiana line at times was full quieting but with UHF would disappear when going down into dips.  Ground elevation is 990".

   The duplexer was incorrectly installed prior to shipping and not only was backwards but not tuned.  A great big thanks to Gary Green, (Tech Electronics), for rushing this in and out of his shop and getting us up and running!. Thanks to all that have donated their time to getting this running and a special thanks to the Advisory Board for the repeater group.

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The 220 Repeater

   The 224.740 MHz 1.25 meter repeater tone is 127.3.  The antenna is Comet Super22 at 6.6 dbi and is mounted at the very top (the bus system is side-mounted below the top). Located at South 4 & Q Street at Roseview Transit System (bus garage) on a 125' self-supporting tower. It is fed with LMR600 cable to a Celwave four-cavity duplexer and then to a 35 watt Motorola Micor transceiver using a NHRC-4 repeater controller with a .ERP is approximately 175 watts  The system uses a CTCSS tone of 127.3. at Roseview Transmit System at S. 4th & Q Street. 

There is a crossband repeater 147.585 MHz with a CTCSS tone of 131.8 at about the 80 foot level is a side arm with a Diamond CP22E 6.5 dB gain antenna that is fed with RG/8 (9913) to a Motorola MaxTrac transceiver using 25watts.  This crossband repeater is on simplex and what is transmitted on the VHF link is repeated to the 224 and the same thing occurs when the 224 machine is used.  Elevation is 980.The crossband l bring up the 220 machine at that Roseview Transmit System. You will NOT here anything back except if someone on the 220 responds.  Therefore, keying the VHF input will not give you any indication but if you make a call it will go out on 220.  Any respose will come back on the same simplex frequency and it has been working great! 

  A note, if you are using the 220 remember you are driving two repeaters so please don't keep them running for any extended time as with all repeaters. The crossband at times may be used to link the other repeaters on VHF, Echo Link, etc.  No plans are to do so now but in an emergency it may be in a different configuration and an e-mail will be sent out.

  W1IDX  reports that he was able to use a 5 watt portable in downtown Cambridge and make it back full quieting but the signal probably is not a great as when it was on the police radio tower the past 25 years.  That system was discarded except for the repeater cabinet that was sandblasted and repainted and the system is using the same duplexer.  Everything else was recently replaced.

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147.045 Repeater

  The 147.045+ repeater pl tone of 131.8 is located in downtown Richmond at Uptown Laundry, 1017 East Main Street, on the old 110' taxi tower.  The antenna is 7.8 db gain Diamond F23A single band antenna.  The transmission line is RG-8 (9913) feed to a four cavity Celwave duplexer and then to the Motorola GR1225 45 watt repeater.  The repeater has been turned down to about 25 watts ERP is approximately 200 watts. The repeater uses a CTCSS tone of 131.8 full-time.  The ground elevation is 990' and coverage west is to about mile marker 135 on I-70 in Henry County, north to Winchester, south to just inside Franklin County depending where you are at and east to just inside Montgomery County.  Mobile units have called in from Everton and on SR 44 just short of Rushville at full quieting. A GMRS repeater also operates on a sidearm at the top of the tower maintained

147.270 Repeater

   The club repeater is 147.270 MHz  tone is 131.8.  located at Redcross 1417 N A Richmond, Indiana. The repeater is Kenwood 730  pushing 30 watts the antenna is an Diamond Ff23A 2 meter repeater antenna (7.8 dbi gain) 15.8 feet tall it's 95 feet  to the tip of the antenna from ground elevation of 995. The 147.270 + (131.8) is a Kenwood TR-720.  It is located between Richmond and Centerville on US 40 and Woody Drive at Cummins Electric on a 100' tower at about the 90' level and has a 100 watt amplifier.  The ERP is approximately 600 watts.  It has autopatch and reverse autopatch. Antenna is fed with Belden 9913F7 the duplexer is a 4 cavity Sinclair. White Water Valley Amateur Radio Club are getting good reports on our repeater coverage as far south as Brookville lake.   

  147.525 Echolink Node 332794

   EchoLink is now operational at the Richmond Municipal Building.  You can access the system 24/7 on 147.525 MHz simplex using a 131.8 tone. The station transmits and receives the tone in case you want to code your receiver at your end to open up only to the station on that channel. The station is operating at 50 watts and has a JTB1 high gain antenna on the roof of the building using a 30' tower.  It is approximately 80' above the ground at the base of the antenna. Mobile coverage 20-30 miles base coverage up to 40 miles erp of 130watts. The Echolink is using Icom IC:2100 and for the antenna JTB1.Location is    Latitude: 39.82994   Longitude: -84.89543 giving it a elevation of approximately 980 feet.

   EchoLink allows your signal to go by way of the Internet to a distant station and out over their local system, generally this will be also a simplex channel or a repeater.  Please call as you would if visiting another city in person and using a FM VHF or UHF local system, not as if using a HF radio. When using EchoLink please give your call such as, "W9XYZ for EchoLink".  Please clear the channel with your call when done so someone else will know it is available.

We would like to thank the Richmond Police Department as the sponsor of this station and the VFW Post 1108 for the eventual funding of the system.  Also, to all the individuals who worked on this project with special thanks to Jeff Norris who spent several hours with our I T people and to Ron Showalter Jr who engineered the RF side of the system. If you have never used EchoLink ask around or send any specific questions to any of those you hear using the system over-the-air.  Generally, you use " 0 0 " to connect and " # " to disconnect.

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