147.345/ Input 147.945 PL Tone 127.3


Call: KG9ND
Location: Latitude: 39.9825   Longitude: -85.16805
Elevation: 1200 Feet above sea level.
Tower: 60 feet
Repeater: Converted VHF mobile Micor radio to a repeater   50 watt capable of 70 watts,
Controller : Arcom RC-210
Duplexer: Decibel DB 4048  capable of handing 400 watts
Antenna: Diamond X500HNA
Coax: 7/8 Andrew LDF5-50A
PL Tone: 127.3 PL Tone
Transmit PL Tone: 127.3 PL Tone for user convenience 
Features: Emergency power backup
ERP: 315 watts  capable of a ERP of 378 watts.
Mobile Coverage: 35-45 miles
Base Coverage: Up to 70 miles

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