Brookville Lake Overlook Office, Indiana Repeaters

The 440 Meter Repeater

KB9YSN repeater output is 442.250 and the input is 449.250 no tones needed to activate, system is located on the Army Core of Engineers tower at the Brookville Lake Overlook Office. The repeater is GE Master II 100Watt repeater sporting a station master antenna at 180 feet with plans to replace with a 16 bay folded dipole system is full duplex and use the 4 cavities GE band pass band rejection output power is 60 watts out of the cavities, ICS controller is used in this application. Coax is Belden 7810A used in this installation with the replacement to 7/8 hard line coming shortly. It is KB9YSN plans to have this system link to the Liberty, Indiana repeater permanently as funds will allow. The sponsor of this machine are funded by is myself and with help from other hams who have donated time and labor to the effort.


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